Boo! Are there spooky ghosts in your FDD?

Boo! It’s almost time for Halloween and here in California, it’s more of a holiday for adults than children.  For one night we don costumes and masks and show … the “real” us?  Or is it the darker shadow of our selves, as posited by Carl Jung?  Who cares!  We are we have fun, create memories – we are transformed.

So is this the season to transform your franchise system?  We can do this as a Reverse Halloween. Take the costumes and masks off and look at the system as it really is.  When was the last time you did a full assessment of your systems – operations, sales, marketing, etc. ?

We tend to layer on programs and tools without looking at the underlying structure.  Have you actually read your FDD lately?  There are probably things in there that would scare you.  Talk about “ trick or treat!”  Brands make contractual promises, but don’t always have systems to make it work.  We are quick to cite a Franchisee that falls out compliance, but what about franchisors?

Have all your department heads read the latest FDD and Franchise Agreement and then quiz them on it.  Make them list every thing that is required of the Franchisees and then see if they have a process in place that allows the Franchisees to comply with each requirement.  Then list everything the Franchisor promises to do or states as its responsibilities.  Is there a process in place to be sure this is done and compliant with the documents?  My guess is that you will all find some gaping holes in the system.

Instead of addressing those we dress up our systems with costumes that seem like value-added programs (some actually are), but we never address the real system – the one that was promised in the FDD and Franchise Agreement.  The true self.  The next step is to build the missing  systems before any other initiatives are developed.

This is the season to do the assessment and get real.  If you don’t the long-term “trick” will be a lot worse than the “treat.”  Now get out there and have some fun.  What will you be for Halloween this year?

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