Drowning in a sea of love?

Help! I’m drowning!!  I am deluged with posts from social media gurus, fan pages, business experts and daily coupon offerings.  There is so much stuff in my SM pipeline that I can’t find those posts that are most meaningful to my business and me.

Don’t get me wrong: I love SM.  I am a card-carrying FaceBook junkie, love to banter with friends, follow tons of folks on Twitter, learn great ideas from the conversations on LinkedIn and post the occasional blog, but there is too much of a good thing.

Yesterday there were 17 separate posts from a friend/SM guru.  Seriously?  You found 17 separate authors who have that much important stuff to say?  I am sure there was some great information buried in there somewhere, but who has time to read 17 posts (all RT articles) on top of everything else that comes at you in a day?  A business, of which I am a fan, posted 7 FaceBook updates in an hour.  It reminded me of the early days of email when we thought every single joke was hilarious and had to be shared globally.  I was very guilty of that.  But this is B-to-B and an abuse of business time.

By making everything an announcement, nothing is special.

I beg you – discretion and discipline.  Would you call a business associate 7 times in an hour to tell them how your business is going?  Imagine running into your boss’ office 17 times in a day to share what you are reading. (I imagine you would have that job for just one day).  Pace yourself – we will be here tomorrow and want to see new things.

On today’s news Melissa Rivers was announcing a new business – Shop-a-ratti (http://shoparatti.com/).  She and her friends were inundated with daily coupon offerings so she started a web site where only the best deals are featured.  She will review and cull the offers that are best for her readers.  I foresee a time when we will have similar filters for posts (other than the horrible Un-friend option) unless there is a little restraint.  Every time my TweetDeck pops up a new post, I look quickly to see who it is and I’m taking notes.  If you are all about making yourself “known” and waste my time you’re going to be ignored.

I can swim. I can tread water.  But I can also drown in your best intentions.  Well, I’ve already taken up too much of your time.  Thanks for listening.  Now, I need to update my status.

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