Manuals: From Door Stops to Action Tools

Let’s face it: no one reads Manuals except the writing staff.  And why would your franchisees do that when you are there to answer the questions and explain the long, boring written parts?  That is – until now.  Besides, they had two weeks of training – they know what they are doing.  Right.

Before we talk about new solutions and technology, let’s talk about WHY we need Manuals in the first place.

They are NOT legally required – they are required by market demand (ironic since they remain unread).   Detailed Tables of Contents in the FDD demonstrate the width and breath of knowledge the franchisees will be privy to, sets you aside from your competition and helps close deals.  A full library of Manuals tells a prospective franchisee that you have the tools to support his quest for profitability.

The FranWise philosophy is that Manuals serve five main purposes:

  • Memorializing and defining the system
  • Faster and better franchise development and performance
  • Reduced strain and need for franchisor staff
  • Legal compliance and defense
  • Marketing.

And still, no one reads them.  Including your staff.

But, what if you could make them live and interactive?  What if you had more than a library – you had an interactive, trackable system that gave you instantaneous system feedback?   That is what we are doing now – and it works.  We can combine Manuals, training and franchisee launch and make it work to grow your system.

With two tech partners we are creating maps of your system that guide new franchisees through your material when and as they need it.  No more tomes of boring text (Some are so boring we fall asleep typing them), but short bursts of pertinent data presented as audio or video files with links to text, functions, suppliers and more.  The information they need, when they need it, cross-referenced with easy access for adult learners.  AND it’s all secure.

The technology from SafeDox protects all your IP from unauthorized use.  You will never again have to worry about a franchisee or an executive sharing your proprietary secrets with anyone!  You control access to the data, it’s reproduction and transfer.  Want to be a magician?  You can make it disappear from every drive it’s ever been on with one key stroke!  We can wrap all your docs in this “security envelope” and put it out there with no worries.  So now, there is nothing that has to be held back from your franchisees.

All this and you are getting real-time feedback from your franchisees for continuous system improvement.

The FranWise staff is excited again.  The Manuals are as vibrant as the systems they serve and will make a huge difference in franchise ramp up.  Think of the ramifications:

  • All the points above plus,
  • Lower costs to develop material (one source, many access points)
  • Continuous improvement
  • System integrity intact all the way  to the employee level
  • A great tool for lender confidence: Show them how your franchisees will grow and protect that loan!

Are you interested in a new day for franchising?  Call us and let’s talk.  You know we’re awake now.

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