Proud to Be in Franchising

This is the season when a lot of us decide to give back to the community.  For me, it’s my 10th year with the Share Our Selves Adopt-A-Family in Costa Mesa – the best part of Christmas.  But today I reflected on how much franchising helps us out.

This local charity works 365 days a year, but for one week we are focused on Christmas.  We will adopt out approximately 1,500 families – 6,000 children.  And it takes a lot of volunteers to make this happen.  Panera Bread provides coffee, cream cheese and bagels every morning.  Subway Sandwiches for lunch and there is always Domino’s Pizza and Taco Bell on Thursday (our volunteer army needs a lot of food to keep us going).  Without their donations we couldn’t attract and keep all the many, hungry volunteers we have every year.  Many local franchisees and franchisors adopt large numbers of families making Christmas possible for so many who have so little.  And none of this is done with a quid pro quo requiring advertising or other acknowledgement.  They do it because it’s the right thing to do. They do it because that’s who is drawn to franchising.

This attitude seems to be woven into the very fabric of franchising.  Franchisors, by the nature of what they do, provide people around the world the opportunity to realize their dreams for business ownership and personal success, so it’s a natural extension that that spirit of altruism would extend all the way out to their franchisees and the franchisees’ customers.  It makes me proud to be a part of this business sector.

I am also excited about participating in “Franchising Gives Back, ” a day of service just prior to the International Franchise Association’s annual conference.  People are so willing to help they are signing up now and paying an extra night’s hotel to be there even though we don’t know what we are being asked to do.  That’s pretty darn cool.

So, no matter how you celebrate the holidays or what your level of community involvement is, take the time to thank a franchisee – they do a lot to make your town a community.

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