Valid Translations Equal Global Growth in Franchising

Traditionally, when companies expanded into other nations, they would hand over all the manuals and documentation in English text and pretty much say “good luck.” Locals would be left to their own means, frequently translating the highly specialized materials themselves. This was dangerous to franchises because there was no verification in place. Was the translation accurate?  Was it complete?  Was it the “brand”?

Translation is tricky and goes far beyond a simple word-for-word exchange, because of intent, context and the simple fact that different words and concepts take on different meanings in different cultures.

Recognizing this conundrum, a solution has been created where the over 30 years of franchise experience of FranWise® has teamed up with state of the art translation, provided by award-winning service Teneo Linguistics Company, LLC.

This partnership has created the first fully professional provider of full-spectrum multilingual services specifically for the franchise sector.  Services include expert document translation for franchise licensing, operations, marketing, development, training and growth coupled with ongoing franchise-specific consulting to make sure all messages are delivered as intended.

Knowing and understanding the unique issues and needs of franchises, the team of Teneo and FranWise® protect the integrity of the original content, brand culture and the desired outcome.

The translation process focuses on: language, style, cultural appropriateness, local customs, social context and issues of comprehensibility.

Mary Ann O’Connell, President and founder of FranWise®, discussed the partnership, “Franchises will now accelerate global expansion with the peace of mind that comes with clear, precise, culturally relevant and legally correct franchise content where it matters: in legal, safety, training & education, operations, and other information materials.”

She continued: “Working with over 80 languages, franchises will benefit as each target language text is provided with in-country verification of linguistic correctness, and cultural and social appropriateness of our franchise document translations.”

For additional information about global translation services targeted solely for franchises, please contact: or call 1.714.434.1516.

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