Are You Talking to Me?

Last week we started on a series of blogs to help improve your writing skills.  These are specifically for writing  franchise manuals, though many can be used in all written communication. “Use your inside voice, dear.”  This is another one of Moms’ great lessons that also applies to a well-constructed manual.  In this week’s column […]

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The Critical Component in Franchising

This week LinkedIn has had many discussions on the roles of the franchisor in terms of supporting franchisees.  Site acquisition, lease negotiations, training of employees …  While I believe all of these are important, I believe the greatest support a franchisor can offer a franchisee is teaching them to THINK rather than training them to […]

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Use networking for a better franchise system with little or no added cost

How can you use the power of networking to build a better franchise system with little or no added cost?

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