You’re Not The Boss of Me!

When Moses came down the mountain with the clay tablets he was not carrying the 10 Suggestions; they were Commandments.

Picture This

Use visuals in your writing to illustrate points, lead the eye and keep the readers’ attention. But, be sure to use good visuals and use them well.

The Gender Gap – He/She is Confused.

In the last few weeks we have looked at a lot of “hiccups” that all have the same effect – they take away the readers’ attention. This word play with gender is one of the most glaring examples.

Sturgis & O’Connell Join Forces

By combining their expertise in franchise sales, development, operations and training, they offer franchisors a spectrum of consulting and advisory services unmatched in the franchise industry.

You CAN Get There From Here

If you don’t help your franchisees by giving them clear directions in your manuals, they have no shot at Emerald City, but a clear shot at melting away…

Consistency – More than the customer experience

If you strive for excellence with the customer experience, shouldn’t you give the same respect to your customer, the franchisee?

Clear As Mud

Manuals and cookbooks have a lot in common: they both require specific and concrete directions to be effective.

Write Manuals, not “War & Peace”

Write your manuals with fewer words and simple sentences. Remember: franchisees use the manuals as reference guides, not reading material.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Maybe sticks and stones won’t break your bones, but the wrong words will break the intent of your manuals.

Are You Talking to Me?

Last week we started on a series of blogs to help improve your writing skills.  These are specifically for writing  franchise manuals, though many can be used in all written communication. “Use your inside voice, dear.”  This is another one of Moms’ great lessons that also applies to a well-constructed manual.  In this week’s column […]


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