FranWise Offers Translations at West Coast Expo

Как вы можете защитить свой бренд на международной арене, если вы не понимаете, о чем говорят?*

(*How can you protect the brand if you don’t know what they are saying?)

Today’s society is truly global – are you prepared to tell your story while protecting the message?

FranWise and Teneo Linguistics Company offer State-Of-The-Art, Certified Translation Services  backed by  30 years of franchise expertise.

Which of these describe your brand’s needs?

  • Global expansion
  • Employee diversity
  • Multi-lingual franchisees
  • Multi-lingual customer base

We use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and native speakers in over 80 languages to help you maintain Copyright and IP Control, deliver Consistent Brand Messaging and avoid Embarrassing Cultural Mistakes.

• Franchise Documents                                • Franchise Manuals

• Marketing Materials                                  • Web Sites

• Licensing Documents                                • Video Dubbing

• On-site signage                                           • And more

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Or visit us at the West Coast Franchise Expo, Booth 544.


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